Costume Hire - 14th Century

Dress in the 14th century was rich and designed to keep the wearer warm. Garments were long and often made of heavy materials.  Several layers were worn, with linen undergarments and two or more layers of outer garments.

The process of printing had not been invented so all patterns on fabrics were woven as part of the material, or embroidered by hand on top.

Both men and women wore hats, partly to keep warm and partly for the sake of modesty. A woman or young lady without head covering would be considered to be one of loose morals.

Many ladies' hats included a veil, attached to the top of the hat and sometimes also running under the chin to veil the neck, when it was called a 'wimple' - rather like nuns wear. 

The noble lady and her husband in this picture are actually of different centuries. The gentleman wears a black woollen 'cotehardie' with dagged sleeves, lined with red linen. This garment is from the 14th century. The lady is wearing a 15th century houppelande, a long dress with a high collar and bag sleeves. She wears a matching 'truncated hennin' hat with a shoulder length sheer veil attached to the top of the hat.

We also hire costumes for younger folks, many of whom joined us at the Traquair Medieval Fayre.

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