Mediaeval banquets launched in Grampian

Mythos Historic Events is organising authentic 9-course historical feasts, with mediaeval musicians, story-tellers and sword fighters

20 August 2008
Mythos Historical Events has just been set up by two mediaeval re-enactors in Aberdeen to run candlelit mediaeval banquets in castles and halls and other local venues.

Shirley and Allan Muir, who regularly run historical re-enactments in Aberdeen and at local castles, have launched the banquet service in response to demand from people who have attended their banquets in the past.

‘We have run several mediaeval banquets at locations in Grampian’, says Shirley (also know as Lady Cristobel of Dunottar), ‘and people have been so enthusiastic that they kept asking when the next one would be. So now we are offering mediaeval banquets to any organisation that wants such an event for their guests.’

Each event is tailored for the customer and can include a nine-course meal with mediaeval table settings and utensils, with entertainment in between the courses provided by mediaeval musicians, story-tellers, sword fighters and other authentic historical amusements.

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 Lord and lady at a mediaeval banquet in Aberdeen run by Mythos Historic Events

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